A List of Truly Great Dog Movies & Toto’s Movies Too!
Compiled and created by Patricia Watson
Created 1996, Updated Feb 4, 2014
 Copyright © 2015 Patricia Watson
The “Famous” Cairn Terrier Movie List

1. *Ready For Love - 1934-NA

2. *Bright Eyes--1934-A

3. *Dark Angel-1935-A

4. *Fury- 1936-A,

5. *? Double Or Nothing-1937-A

6. *#The Buccaneer-1938-NA

7. *Barefoot Boy-1938-A

8. *Stablemates-1938-NA

9. *The Women-1939-A

10. *Bad Little Angel-1939-NA

11. *Wizard Of OZ- 1939-A,

12. *The Wizard Of Oz 70th Anniversary Edition-A

13. *Son Of The Navy-1940-A

14. *Calling Philo Vance-1940-NA

15. *Cinderella's Feller- 1940-NA

16. *The Chocolate Soldier-1941-A

17. All The World’s A Stooge-1941-A

18. Love Crazy -1941- A

19. *Twin Beds-1942-A

20. #Reap The Wild Wind- 1942-A

21. *Tortilla Flat-1942-A

22. George Washington Slept Here-1942-A

23. Airforce- 1943-A

24. ?Back To The Front- 1943-A

25. The Uninvited- 1944-A

26. Mrs. Parkington-1944-A

27. *The Heavenly Body-1944-A

28. *Easy To Look At-1945-NA

29. Without Love- 1945-A

30. The Adventures of Rusty- 1945-A

31. The Valley Of Decision- 1945-A

32. Undercurrent-1946-A

33. The Ghost And Mrs. Muir- 1947-A

34. Stallion Road-1947-A

35.*? Malice In The Palace-1949-A

36. Backfire-1950-A

37.*? Rumpus In The Harem-1956-A

38. Pal Joey- 1957-A

39. Anatomy Of A Murder-1959-A

40. The Magic Christian- 1969-A

41. Mary Queen Of Scots-1971-A

42. Edward and Mrs. Simpson-1978-A

43. #Saturn 3- 1980-A

44. The Stepfather-1986-A

45. One Crazy Summer-1986-A

46. Graveyard Shift-1990-A

47. Hocus Pocus- 1993-A

48. Twister- 1996-A

49. Dunston Checks In- 1996-A

50. The Portrait Of A Lady- 1996-A

51. 2 Days In The Valley- 1996-A

52. The Beautician And The Beast- 1997-A

53. Lost And Found-1999-A

54. Music of the Heart-1999-A

55. Children Of Men -2006-A

56. Death At A Funeral-A

57. National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets, 2007-A

58. Elizabeth: The Golden Age-2007-A
59. Inkheart-2008-A

60. J. Edgar-2001-A

61. After the Wizard- 2011-A

62. W.E.-2012-A

63. Project X 2012-A

64. Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel 2013-A

When it's time to settle down to home movie nights with doggies sharing our hearths, hearts and popcorn, what film should we choose? For some time now I have been compiling a list of exciting Cairn Terrier movies. Many of these pictures have won Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTAs as well as other notable awards, nominations, and statues.

Most of these Cairn movies are available for home viewing in either VHS or DVD formats; a few are unavailable for any viewing as of this publication. If you know of any films featuring Cairn Terriers I missed, please email me so I can watch them, verify the canine actors are Cairn Terriers and add them to the list. Sadly, as I previously mentioned, some films have not yet been released to United States of America home viewing formats. If they become available, I will give more plot details.

When there is a star next to the title on the list, it is a film known to have starred Terry the Cairn a.k.a. Toto. I use both her names to refer to her throughout this list. Terry was featured in so many movies that even her owner Carl Spitz lost track. Some sources say she is known to have performed in 11 films. She is documented to have been in at least 17 films. I list her in 22 so far.

After Terry's fame grew, her name was officially changed to Toto. You can read all about Terry in the autobiography “I TOTO” by Willard Carroll, a book you can purchase on this site's shopping page. "I Toto" provided me with a partial list of the films starring Terry both currently available and those not yet available to view at home.

Some of the films on this list star a Cairn Terrier owned and trained by the famous Weatherwax family named Rommy. The Weatherwax family also worked with Terry and is best known for owning, breeding, and training all of the famous collies named Lassie from film and television. Their Cairn Terrier Rommy was Terry’s pup.

I want to send a special thank you to all the Cairn fanciers, film historians and film fans who have contacted me with movies that do, and do not, have Cairns in them. You have helped me make this list as solid a resource as it can be.

(The author lists television and movie material viewable in USA so that she can confirm the correct breed of dog.)                       




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(*Terry, a.k.a. Toto stars in these Pictures, ?-possible uncredited Terry performance,

A-Available, NA Not Available, #-Steampunk themes)

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Here's a Cairn film list of romance, laughs, tears and thrills for your valentine! 
1941's The Chocolate Soldier or Love Crazy, 1942's Twin Beds or  George Washington Slept Here
1947's The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, 1944's Heavenly Body, 1947's Stallion Road, 1957's Pal Joey, 1978's Wallace and Edward, 1997's Beautician and the Beast, 2012's W.E.
 If you watch 1939's "The Wizard of Oz"  here's a little something to watch for. Did you know that in the "Apple Orchard" scene of that film, Toto's on set trainer, Carl Spitz's assistant Jack Weatherwax, was costumed as one of the rebellious trees to give Toto commands? Look closely. He's hidden in a tree off to the left of the scene.
Jack Weatherwax, trainer hidden in the left tree- MGM's Wizard of Oz